Hoarding and OCD

There is a difference between people who have collections of items and those who have accumulated so much that their possessions have literally taken over their home or yard. When a person’s life begins to be so affected by their items that they can no longer safely live in their home or they aren’t able to give up even a tiny portion of their collection, they’ve crossed over into the realm of hoarding.

LGBT Anxiety

Despite recent acceptance, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender still face a number of social stigmas and discrimination. It’s no wonder that this can lead to stress and anxiety for those in the LGBT community.

Compassion Focused Therapy for Social Anxiety

People who experience social phobia are prone to being self-critical and angry because of how their anxiety affects them. Compassionate-focused therapy helps these individuals reverse those thoughts through compassionate engagement.

Obsessive-Compulsiveness in New Mothers

Many things can cause or increase your risk of developing OCD, such as family history and biological changes like the ones most women experience with childbirth.

Terror Threats and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Stories about terror threats are a part of the daily news now. The constant coverage of these negative news stories can bring out worry, stress, and fear in anyone, but especially in those who suffer from anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder. This article provides help for dealing with fears of terror attacks.

Cell Phone Addiction

According to recent studies, 90% of Americans would fall into the category of overusing or abusing their smartphones, while between 10 – 12% can be diagnosed with an actual addiction.

Coping Mechanisms for Overcoming Holiday Stress

The holiday season can provoke anxiety and stress in a number of people, but there is good news. There are a number of holiday coping mechanisms you can use to ease your way through the holiday stress.

Eating Disorders: The Hidden Problem of College Students

For a freshman student, the start of college may cause some phase of life adjustment anxiety. Focusing their energy on their eating and weight can often be a way to gain the control that they can’t find in other aspects of their lives.